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Hi, my name is Dave and I’m a relatively normal 46-year-old dad of 2. By the time I finish this challenge I will be 50, and that’s a coincidence I hadn’t realised when this whole idea popped into my head. I work in IT at a university and have done for a looong time.

Selfie of Dave with cap on in front of cornwall's rugged coast with sun breaking through clouds
Running in Cornwall

I’m writing this as I start my challenge in Dec 2022, and I really want you to know where I’m starting from. I have run quite a bit in the past and have completed a few marathons, but I haven’t run much at all for over a year. I have done a few park runs and the odd slightly longer run, but, sit-rep: I am not fit, I drink too much, snack too much, stay up too late and have got myself into a bit of a rut. So with all that in mind, I’m expecting that I will progress easily to about 10 km distances, but I will struggle to fit the running back into my routine and I’ve never paid too much attention to nutrition, let alone nutrition for running! So I’ve got a very good reason to get off my arse and get stuck into this challenge and I think that basic tenet is one that everyone can relate to.

In addition to my health, fitness, and the challenge, I am also doing this to raise money for Salisbury Hospital. I have been supporting the amazing Stars Appeal charity since 2016 and have walked on the Great Wall of China and trekked 100 km across the Jordanian desert for them (all paid for my be). I’d love you to donate if you can.

I want this website and my whole challenge to be a signpost to anyone who wants to grab life by the kahunas, but everyone is going to have a personal level and personal goal. As I write this I am a bit scared of the challenge I have set for myself, and that is a good thing. I might succeed, I might fail; it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was guaranteed. Someone else’s challenge may be to do a couch to 5k, or do a short walk every day, or climb a mountain or… you get the point. You do you.

a large group of people in front of the Treasury in Petra. Everyone is wearing Stars Appeal T-shirts and a banner is being held up with the charity logo
That’s me in the middle

You can join in with this mad idea too if you like. Get involved in the following ways, or make up your own!:

  • Find your own challenge. Whatever you want to do, tell me about it and join in the fun. Big or small, find something that challenges you.
    • To join in with my obsession with ’26’, do 26 of anything, or plan a daft challenge in 2026. Find your niche and get doing 26 of something unique in 2026!
  • Come on a run with me! Suggest a run, or just shout at me and I’ll find something we can do. Anything from a Parkrun visit to a local run or an organised event

Thanks for having a look at my site and my challenge. See you on the trail??