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Hermione 01/05/2024: while on Colombia Hermione committed to run a marathon before the end of 2025

  • Hermione added a sub-commitment (a first for the site!). While in the USA in June, Hermione will run in the 3 cities she is visiting; LA, Chicago and Maine.

Zoe 01/03/2023: Zoe would like to walk 1/2 marathon for Macmillan in 2025.

Jackie and Soren 26/01/2024: organise a flash-mob in Salisbury!!

Simon and Ian 10/03/2023: Do some form of exercise every day. Doesn’t matter what, as long as it is something that isn’t part of your normal day e.g. can be a walk, but not a walk to the shops you had to do anyway. Or press-ups, sit-ups etc.

checked in May ’23 Everyone’s keeping the promise!! Great stuff guys

Rob 02/2023: share a run

Jason 02/2023: Is doing a 50 km run and a SUP paddle and cycling too!! We agreed to do a run together – no date yet.

Chris Powell 02/2023: Is running the London Marathon and we are going to do an organised run together, or at least start together. He will have quite a wait at the finish line!

Dave, Keith, Lucy, and Lola March 2023: I am going to do a skydive on 29th July with 4 other people! Dave and I have been talking about it for years, but this is it. 15,000 feet at Salisbury Airfield OMG!

Mike 18/03/2023: Do 26 sit-ups every day

Checked in May 23. The sit-ups are happening plus more. Mike’s joined a circuits session once a week too!

Helen 02/04/2023: Run any length at all, once a week until September when Helen’s running a 10 km to support WRAC. She runs one race every year with others from the group but never does enough prep. Coincidentally, from 2nd April, this challenge happens to be about 26 runs!!!😎.

Checked in May 23: Helen is completing regular runs and is well on the way to

Jackie 29/04/2023: Jackie wants to run a 10-mile organised event in 2023, because she’s run one before and wants to again. She’s not run for quite a while. We agreed that we’d start with a 5km target and go from there. That suits me at the moment too as I’ve got to build up from my Achilles strain, so we are going to do Couch to 5k, giving us a chance to ease into running over the 9-week course. We’re planning to start on Thurs 11th May

Becky, Kirsty & Liam 06/05/2023: More friends and family joining the Couch to 5 km challenge, but meeting on Saturdays! Starting Sat 13th May.

Mike 09/05/2023 joined the Couch to 5k group

Viv & Anita 11/05/2023 joined the Couch to 5k group

Dani 11/05/2023 by the end of July draw a picture from her Iceland trip.

Checked 04/08/2023 – main drawing still to do, but Dani’s created art for the first time in ages. A very special drawing of a flower for a gravestone.

Hermionie, Melanie, Carolyn & Rashi 12/05/2023 joined the Couch to 5k

Stewart & Marianne 18/05/2023 Run a half marathon together – no time limit

Charlotte 16/08/2023 – self-conscious runner: run down above bar don’t the silliest run you can muster

Jen & Charlotte 16/08/2023 – do an ice plunge

Tanya T 18/12/2023 – Will not drink for 6 months (until the end of June 2024)