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Activity Log

PU=push-ups SU=sit-ups PL=pull-ups 5TB = 5 Tibetans

2023/09/15 3km walk

2023/09/14 10.5 km run home from doing car at garage (longest run for ages, first 10 km since I started) then I also did the Thursday evening run with the C25K gang 😎

2023/09/10 6.5km run and a dusk walk

2023/09/09 3km impromptu run at hengistbury Head

2023/09/07 over 5km run with C25K group

2023/09/06 5TBx5

2023/09/03 20k steps around Cornwall and lots of stretching.

2023/09/02 6.4 km run in Fowey Cornwall. That’s code for very hilly. Plus loads of walking. 23k steps in total. Also did write a bit of stretching


2023/08/31 Thursday night run. 5.3 km followed by stretching. I’m trying to get more stretching into my routine 🤣 my routine. One day…



2023/08/28 6km run




24/08/2023 Thursday night run. I didn’t record it, but about 4 km + stretching

23/08/2023 2 km walk

22/08/2023 My sons walked a marathon: 9 times round or village loop that we call “The Island”. I joined then for 3 loops, so 14 km!

21/08/2023 6 km run through the woods. Felt good to go past 5 km

20/08/2023 rest day, but with a bit of tidy up

19/08/2023 at it all day preping for, then running Farley Live 23. Epic day

18/08/2023 15k steps seeing up Farley Live 23.

17/08/2023 C25K(2km 20 mins with M)

16/08/2023 16k steps lots of walking at work

15/08/2023 5 km run with lots of stretching before and after (new regime) plus 5TBx3

14/08/2023 5TBx3 + 16.5k, mainly round Stowe House and gardens. Back to non-holiday step counts tomorrow. Must keep it up and start lengthening the running distance!!

13/08/2023 16k steps around Whitby and the Abbey, and Scarborough and the Castle. Quite hilly too

12/08/2023 a lighter day as we have driven to Scarborough. 5TBx5

11/08/2023 18k steps around Brimham Rocks

10/08/2023 5TBx3 Aira Force Waterfall and Malham Cove today = 16k steps

09/08/2023 5TBx3 walked to Blackstoned Jump, then up Catbells and into Keswick (8.8 km) 30k steps today, quite a few of them up hill.

08/08/2023 Walked to Rydal caves, all in 26k steps

06/08/2023 16 km walk with my bro

05/08/2023 5 km parkrun and 2km walk

03/08/2023 15,000 ft skydive!!

02/08/2023 2x4PL

31/07/2023 3 km walk and 6 km run, 30SU 10PU

30/07/2023 5PL 5TBX3 10PU 30SU

29/07/2023 I was MEANT to do a 15,000 ft skydive today, but I actually spent 8 hours waiting for our groups turn with clouds and wind stopping progress.

27/07/2023 It’s Thursday, so I went for a run, but it wasn’t C25K because we completed C25k!!! It was just a run in the park.

24/07/2023 C25K W9R2 with Mike

23/07/2023 17k steps around London and my first C25K for over a week since my operation. I did W9R1 30 minutes of running and (with the 5 min walks) managed 6 km!

22/07/2023 25k steps around London

20/07/2023 2km walk

19/07/2023 3km walk + a visit to the doctor to say that I can run and do exercise again 😍

16/07/2023 17km walk from Newport north west to the coast, then walk the coast round to cowes

15/07/2023 26km walk Ventnor, Shanklin, Sandown and then inland to Newport

14/07/2023 17km walk Newport to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight

13/07/2023 bit of an unexpected day… I had a mole removed and what I existed to be a small procedure turned into a 6 cm scar, a big dressing and no exercise for a while. That stopped me running C25K this evening, but also meant I couldn’t cycle at the weekend, so plans had to be moved to walking on the Iow…

06/07/2023 C25K W7R3

05/07/2023 C25K W7R2 with Mike

03/07/2023 a lot of walking around hms Belfast and London + 3 km walk in the evening

01/07/2023 3km walk

29/06/2023 C25K W7R1 (solo) and a 4Km walk at lunchtime

28/06/2023 Nothing

27/06/2023 C25K W6R3 (solo)

26/06/2023 C25k W6R2 (with Mike) + 3 km walk

25/06/2023 C25K W6R2 (solo) and 5TBx3 reps

23/06/2023 C25k W6R1 (solo) and 5TBx3 reps

22/06/2023 C25K W6R1, 4 km walk to work and 2 km at lunchtime + 10PU

21/06/2023 2 x 3 km walk, walk to work and walk at lunchtime

20/06/2023 2Km walk to work and 10PU

19/06/2023 C25K W5R2 (again with Mike and walked to ) + 30SU + 20PU

18/06/2023 C25K W5R2

17/06/2023 30SU 30PU 10PL

16/06/2023 C25K W5R1

15/06/2023 3 km run, 30SU and 10PU

14/06/2023 4 km walk

13/06/2023 3 km walk

12/06/2023 C25K W4R2 felt pretty good considering Saturday!

11/06/2023 sore and did some stretching. But, no blisters!?

10/06/2023 44.3 km Clarendon Way walk, Winchester to Salisbury with the trekkers. Epic day

09/06/2023 15PU + 2 km walk

08/06/2023 2 km walk to work, C25K Run1 repeating wk4, 4.5 km walk delivering flyers for an event

07/06/2023 just 10PU

06/06/2023 R2W4 C25K 30 obliques and 15PU plus 40 minute lunchtime walk

05/06/2023 prework walk, lunchtime walk.

04/06/2023 Back to normal! R1W4 C25K, 30SU, 10PU

03/06/2023 birthday, so day off!

02/06/2023 Lots of gardening but not much else

01/06/2023 went to London and did about 14,000 steps but not much else

31/05/2023 A lot more mowing (wardenry lawn was left for no-mow May, so it’s been a job!) Plus 15PU

30/05/2023 A lot of mowing! 30 obliques, 10PU

29/05/2023 R3W3 C25K, 2 km walk, 10PU, 30 obliques

28/05/2023 20km walk from Corfe to Swanage

27/05/2023 R2W3 C25K, 15 PU

26/05/2023 30PU 30 obliques and I mowed a big lawn

25/05/2023 3 km walk before work, run 1 week 3 C25K , 15 PU, 30 obliques.

24/05/2023 same as the 22nd. But I felt bad I’d not done anything, so I forced out 30 obliques and 10PU. Suprise!!

23/05/2023 2.5 km walk before work, run 3 week 2 C25K, 15SU (first since I fell on my coccyx) and it still hurts a bit, 15 obliques and 20PU.

22/05/2023 Nada! I walked quite a way to work, but that didn’t count as I had to get there.

21/05/2023 a lot if garage tidyings! 10PU, 30 obliques

20/05/2023 10PU run 2 week 2 C25K

19/05/2023 10PU, 30 obliques, glute exercises

18/05/2023 Run 1, week 2 C25K, 30 obliques, 10 PU

17/05/2023 NOTHING 😱. Lots of work and non work meetings!!

16/05/2023 3.5 km walk before work, 2 km walk at lunch, 15PU, 30 obliques, glute exercises and my 3rd C25K run that completes week 1.

15/05/2023 3 km walk, 2 km walk, glute exercises

14/05/2023 C25K 30 elbow to knee oblique crutches 15PU glute exercises

13/05/2023 15.5 km walk on the Isle of Wight.

12/05/2023 10PU.

11/05/2023 first 30 minute walk/run of couch to 5k with 3 friends 😍. 30 Elbow to knee oblique crutches, 10PU

10/05/2023 30 stomach crunches 3 km walk with some trial 60 second jogging!

09/05/2023 just 25PU and 3 km walk today.

08/05/23 30 “not” sit-ups, but bicycle crunches because my coccyx hurts still :(. Also did lots of glue exercises

07/05/2023 5TB, 30SU and 15PU and a 5 km walk plus glue exercises. But, I was mucking about with my son doing exercises and I banged my coccyx. Made the sit-ups a bit painful.

06/05/2023 coronation day if you’re interested. Plus, 10PU, 30SU, 3PL and at least a 3 km walk.

05/05/2023 3 km walk 26SU 15PU

04/05/2023 2 km walk

03/05/2023 3 km walk. 30SU 30PU and glute exercises with Germs at Bodyfixit. I also got new exercises to do.

02/05/2023 40SU 30PU 3 km walk with about 500 meter run. Progress!!

01/05/2023 40SU

30/04/2023 just one 25 km walk around Winchester

29/04/2023 5TB 30SU 10PU 5PL and 2 x 10km cycle rides; into Salisbury and back.

28/04/2023 40SU and 10PU and glute exercises

27/04/2023 30S 10PU

26/04/2023 5TB and that’s all today

5TB=Tibetans PU=push-ups SU=sit-ups PL=pull-ups

25/04/2023 Today I did my first 5 Tibetans since I started logging! I used to do them all the time. As I start to do more, I’m gravitating naturally towards a session instead of “wherever I can fit some exercise in” and I am finding that a warm-up is a good idea. The 5 Tibetans work very well. Totals for today are; 70 sit-ups, 6 pull-ups + 2 slow pull-ups down only but very slowly, 25 push-ups, and my glute exercises. And a 5 km walk to finish off. Whew.

24/04/2023 30 sit-ups and 10 push-ups

23/04/2023 Today I managed 40 sit-ups in one set for the first time. I did 40 sit-ups and 10 push-ups and my glue exercises

22/04/2023 30 sit-ups, 40 push-ups, 6 pull-ups, calf raises, and glute exercises. Today I managed 15 push-ups in one set for the 1st time.

21/04/2023 50 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, calf raises, and glute exercises

20/04/2023 30 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, and 5 pull-ups

19/04/2023 60 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, 3km “walk to work” and 2 km after work

18/04/2023 nothing!

17/04/2023 just the 30 sit-ups today. I’ve got a sore calf from the walk, but it’s just muscle and no ankle pain 👍

16/04/2023 22km walk! Ankles held up very well

15/04/2023 30 sit-ups and 10 push-ups

14/04/2023 5 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, and glutes

13/04/2023 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and I walked 3 Laps of the block (6 km) as my two sons walked it 21 times to complete a marathon distance!!!

12/4/2023 8 pull-ups, 60 sit-ups, 30 push-ups, and the old glute exercises! I did 30 reps of sit-ups and 10 push-ups as usual, but managed multiple sets through the day!

11/04/2023 30 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, and glutes

10/04/2023 30 sit-ups and glutes

09/04/2023 30 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, and glutes

08/04/2023 Not a lot today, just the 30 sit-ups and glutes, and for some reason, they felt hard to do. Ester Sunday, so chocolate may have had something to do with it.

07/04/2023 Nearly 20k steps walking around Portsmouth today. Plus 30 sit-ups and glute exercises

06/04/2023 30 sit-ups and glute exercises.

05/04/2023 60 sit-ups 20 push-ups, a nice few km walk, and an unexpected 1 km run This was to catch my family up on a walk I wasn’t expecting to go on, and the sports therapist said I can run short distances to see how the old ankles hold up. Seem fine so far… also did my new glute exercises!

04/04/2023 My first trip to the Sports Therapist and some glute exercises!! 60 sit-ups and 20 push-ups

03/04/2023 NOTHING 😯

02/04/2023 13km walk with trekkers and 26 sit-ups

01/04/2023 60 sit-ups and 10 push-ups

31/03/2023 30 mins DD Workout, 30 sit-ups and 10 push-ups

30/1/03/2023 30 sit-ups 17 push-ups

29/03/2023 60 sit-ups 20 push-ups

28/03/2023 evening walk 3.5 km and 30 sit-ups. Then I felt that wasn’t enough so I did another 20 sit-ups and 15 push-ups

27/03/2023 FAIL. nothing today for the first time in ages. A big event at work took my mind off my exercise. Being at work and having a walking meeting meant I got nearly 12,000 steps though.

26/03/2023 just 26 sit-ups today, but better than nowt.

25/03/2023 my first 10-minute exercise bike ride. And 30 sit-ups.

24/03/2023 20 mins DD Workout before with 26 sit-ups at 22:30

23/03/2023 75 sit-ups and 27 push-ups

22/03/2023 2.8 km walk before work. But, I missed the 26 sit-ups today!!!!!

21/03/2023 Big activity day today. Twice around the village 4 km. 26 sit-ups, 30 stomach crunches, 3 whole pull-ups, and a 20-minute DD yoga session at lunchtime.

20/03/2023 10 press-ups and 26 sit-ups in the morning and the same again at night.

19/03/2023 20 mins DD Yoga and 26 sit-ups. Achilles felt pretty good after yesterday’s walk, and lots of calf raises and stretches during the day. I randomly hopped on the spot for 3 minutes while making tea at 23:30

18/03/2023 Almost missed the boat today. I walked around London and did nearly 17,000 steps, but again, not specifically for fitness! So I almost missed a day, but managed 26 sit-ups at 23:55! See my challenge with Mike 😀

17/03/2023 Work and social life for in the way today. I did 8500 steps, but not specifically for fitness, so I can’t count them. I snuck in 10 press-ups and 30 stomach crunches at 22:30!

16/03/2023 Round the village before work with a couple of short jogs. 2 x 10 press-ups at lunch, another round the village after work, but surprise!! I walked with my family but got chatting with someone, so had to run to catch the other up. The run felt GOOD and my Achilles held up!!

15/03/2023 2 km around the village before work, 20 mins DD yoga and 40 sit-ups, followed by another round the village at lunchtime!

14/03/2023 5 km walk before work, inc some very short jogs and my first go at some running drills. Very tentative and I felt daft, essentially skipping up the road by myself! 10 pushups in one set! Then another 10 pushups in the afternoon. And a walk around the village in the dark.

13/03/2023 2 km walk around the village before work., toughed out a huge 8 press-ups. 30 sit-ups, some bicycling ab exercises, and quite a lot of calf lifts/Achilles exercises.

12/03/2023 Lots of calf and hip exercises throughout the day. Two walks around my village (2 km each)

11/03/2023 12.5 km walk home from a friend’s house

10/03/2023 50 pushups in random groups of 6-7 throughout the day

05/03/2023 9.12 km walk with trekkers (the one I tested last week. I lead it)

27/02/2023 0.29 km run. Testing my ankle and following advice to start small (again!)

25/02/2023 9.2 km walk testing the route for the next trekker’s walk

19/02/2023 8 km run. My ankle hurting again. Stopped running early, should have been 10 km

16/02/2023 8.43 km run

14/02/2023 5 km run

11/02/2023 10.24 km run

08/02/2023 5 km run. My ankle was OK, but I need to go slowly

08/02/2023 10 minutes DD yoga, only to test if MyFitnessPal was connected to get my calories. It wasn’t, but I enjoyed the yoga

05/02/2023 13 km walk with trekkers

31/01/2023 5.5 km run. I hurt my ankle, Achilles pain 🙁

28/01/2023 10 km run. That’s two 10 km runs in a row with nothing mid-week. Well done for running, but must try harder with regular exercise!

21/01/2023 10 km run

17/01/2023 20 mins DD yoga

14/01/2023 5 km run

10/01/2023 ACTUAL 5 km RUN!! outside in the damp and wet

08/01/2023 10 km walk with trekkers + 15 mins DD yoga

06/01/2023 20 mins DD yoga

01/01/2023 18 mins DD yoga

30/12/2022 15 mins DD workout + 15 mins DD yoga

24/12/2022 10 mins DD workout + 15 mins DD yoga

Two colds in two weeks!!

20/11/2022 20 mins DD yoga

19/11/2022 5 km local road loop

16/11/2022 5 km on a running machine at Carey’s Manor New Forest

12/11/2022 9 km trail run + 20 mins DD yoga

12/11/2022 I set myself a task to run twice and do yoga once by next weekend

27/10/2022 5 km run

23/10/2022 5.5 km run