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Better late than never

Hello everyone, OR given I haven’t told many people about this blog yet, hello to everyone who might find this post retrospectively. Are you one of the hordes of people who will one day read… Read More »Better late than never

Happy New Year

We’re 10 days into 2023, so it’s high time I posted an update. The 31st of December was a very important day for my challenge as it marked exactly 4 years until my deadline, so… Read More »Happy New Year

Goal Achieved

This post is going to be a quick one! Last weekend I set myself a goal to complete 2 runs and 1 yoga session before the end of this weekend. I’m sitting in my living… Read More »Goal Achieved

A Run and a Task

Today I ran. For the first time in a few weeks, I ran and it felt good. I just started running from my back door. I’m lucky that I’ve got fields and forest around me… Read More »A Run and a Task

And we’re off

Saturday 15th Oct 2022 is the real-world kick-off date for 262626. I completed my first run since I came up with the idea. I have done various other things like creating this website and writing… Read More »And we’re off

A Start, at least…

Hello World! Here we are with my first blog post on this new website. I’m at the start of my journey towards the goal or running 26 marathons (each of 26.2 miles) before the end… Read More »A Start, at least…