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A Run and a Task

Today I ran. For the first time in a few weeks, I ran and it felt good. I just started running from my back door. I’m lucky that I’ve got fields and forest around me and it’s a privilege to run in these lovely places.

I started out with a vague plan to run 5km, but I had the whole morning free, so I wasn’t in a rush. I allowed myself to find a route as I went and that took me in a wide circle. I ended up running just over 9km! It felt good and felt like an achievement, but I was knackered and glad to get home.

I’m mindful that I have only managed a couple of runs so far, and these have been sporadic. But I truly aim to rectify that. I am still early enough to begin an activity log to track my runs and other activity, right from the start.


Speaking of other activities, I must also try to augment more running with more other exercises, more stretching and good nutrition. When I have run regularly in the past, I have done little more than run gradually further with some extra stretches. This time my journey is going to take a deeper look at my life and my body and how I am looking after it.

With that intent in my mind, I returned from my run and did 20 minutes of down-dog yoga when I got back. It was all floor based, with long stretches that I relaxed into. Yoga is one of those activities that I love, and every time I do it, I know it is doing me untold good to both body and mind. It is also an activity that I very rarely do. That is something that needs to change too!

A Task

Now that I have managed a good run and followed it with some yoga, I need to make sure that I don’t lose this step I have gained. I, therefore, set myself a test: run twice midweek and one next weekend. and manage another yoga session before then as well.

I’ll lay the gauntlet quietly at the foot of anyone who reads this post in the future. Whether that’s next month or years from the date of this post: look to the next 7 days and set yourself a task. Change something, give yourself an achievable target; a tiny step toward something you want to change.


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