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A Start, at least…

Hello World! Here we are with my first blog post on this new website. I’m at the start of my journey towards the goal or running 26 marathons (each of 26.2 miles) before the end of 2026. This first post needs to try to explain why I’ve started this daft venture and what I’ve done so far. I wanted to get blogging as soon as possible so that I can capture everything from the first idea through to inevitable success in 2026!!


middle-aged man with beard, glasses and green hat, covered in snow after being caught in a snowstorm
Me a few years ago, caught in a snowstorm

I am a runner. It feels odd to give myself that title, but I have been doing it for quite a long time now and I’ve run some long distances. Strava tells me that my first recorded run was in July 2014. My first Marathon was run on 14th August 2016, and since then I have completed five marathons and two 50 km ultras. I hurt my knee near the start of the last ultra and that took me and a friend 8 hours to walk! I am better at tenaciously cranking out distance than speed or finesse.

I am not in any way consistent with my running efforts. I ran 10 km a couple of weeks ago, but my running record for this year is poor, to say the least. I, therefore, have the conditioning to run long distances and some experience as I start this adventure. I am not going to just knock these runs out though. I will need to do a lot of planning and gradual build-up to get myself ready and fit to complete 26 marathons!

The Beauty of numbers

There is doing some running and then there is running 26 marathons. What the hell am I thinking!? To answer that question, I need to provide some background for context. There are really two main reasons why this thought didn’t just float through my mind and out the other side like it should have.

I run a very obscure Instagram account called Numerical Coincidence. I love to see the clock flip over to 11:11 or see interesting patterns of numbers when I am out and about. I record them, mainly for my own fun. That means 26 26 26 really popped when I realised the length of a marathon happens to align so well with 2026 and then I obviously looked for other 26s to tag on! I do have to admit that my original thought was to run 26 marathons in 2026, therefore taking the next few years to prep, and probably running more marathons as part of that prep. I have updated my aim (thanks to my much more sensible friend Nick) to run 26 marathons BY 2026, so that will be between now and 31st December 2026. Much more sensible

The first marathon I ran was due to a pact that I made with a friend. That first marathon for me was her 100th and so lots of people joined her to celebrate an astounding achievement. Yes, there is a club for people who have managed to complete that monumental task. I, therefore, know that running 26 marathons is a doable thing. Yes, it’s still mad, but it is doable.

It’s definitely doable.

It’s definitely doable…

So that’s why I’m going to give it a blast. What’s the worst that can happen?

Why blog?

Because I think there are a lot of things to say when you’re doing something like this. I really wanted to start as soon as possible because I have not run much recently and therefore getting back into it is part of the challenge. Some initial thoughts for topics are:

  • General fitness
  • Running plans
  • Speed and distance improvements
  • Food and nutrition
  • Finding runs, both organised and solo
  • Avoiding injury, or dealing with it.
  • Barefoot – yes, I am a barefoot runner, but have never run further than 10 miles since I switched
  • Fitting everything into a routine. A routine I currently don’t have
  • How to make running and fitness a way of life.
  • 262626. I think there are quite a few things that people could do that fit my challenges pattern. It could be 26 walks, 26 cakes, 26 press-ups, 26 different things that you do 26 of in 2026! If you are inspired to set yourself a goal for 2026 that will push you to do new things, or will just be plain fun, then get on with it. If you get in touch I will give you a shoutout, and/or use the hashtag #EverythingTwentySix on Twitter

Not a bad set of reasons when I write them all down. Some may never get mentioned. Others are unavoidable. If you are interested in a subject, then get in touch.

See you here, on Twitter, on Facebook or on the road/trail/park run.

As ever, I’m doing all this to raise money, I’d be extremely grateful if you’d give me a donation

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