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And we’re off

Saturday 15th Oct 2022 is the real-world kick-off date for 262626. I completed my first run since I came up with the idea. I have done various other things like creating this website and writing a first post, but they are secondary to getting out and putting sole to the ground.

The first run was 4.6 km “round the island”: from my village to the next one, through the woods and back home. I’ve run it hundreds of times, but this time it was special as it re-started my running habit after an exceedingly lackadaisical year and started my commitment towards 26 marathons!

They say that the first step is the hardest. In this case, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, but I got a token blister to mark the occasion! I never get blisters, so I think this is my body trying to foreshadow the effort I am going to have to make if I stand a chance at doing even part of this challenge.

A pile of logs in the woods, dew steaming off them in the morning sun.
Morning mist on logs

Since that first run I have been again, and I’ve managed to do at least some other fitness work too.

This is hardly worth mentioning, but in the spirit of sharing the journey, and in considering how to find time to do things: I have managed a few sit-ups and press-ups in and around my day. I also started stretching as I dry after a shower, and when I bend down to get things. It sounds daft doesn’t it, but years ago I managed to go from being unable to reach past my knees to just about touching my toes via this “integrated” technique. A little and often works very well. I used to get pains in my knees when I first started running and via progressive experimentation, it turned out to be very tight hamstrings and calves that were pulling my knee out when I ran. Flexibility is extremely important, so I am going to be stretching often, doing some yoga and re-kindling my relationship with my foam roller (although I haven’t ventured near the last two yet!)

My second run was 5.6 km long and mainly off-road through the woods near where I live. I was pleased I managed to run further, and it felt good. I employed another way to build my running into family life that I hope you find useful if you’re reading this. We were going to a local National Trust property for a morning walk. I left early and ran to a rendezvous point, jumped in the car and went on with my day. I had to get changed in the car park, but that’s a small price to pay. If you are going to do this you have to have run enough to estimate your arrival time, and with me, I need confidence that I’m not going to get lost!

So, we are definitely off and running. Whoop Whoop.

As ever, I’m doing all this to raise money, I’d be extremely grateful if you’d give me a donation

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